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pure ocean

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worlds most cynical art student

that title is a feat in itself

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IDK if someone already posted this… but yeah got it off of Carly Mannings FB.

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Team Japan

7th Cheerleading World Championships 2013

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Instagram - youbetterwork

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This horse’s name is Texas because his star is in the shape of the state of Texas. 

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for @houstonweregoingdown I’m sorry this took so long x_x I’m a horrible person, I hope I remembered the part you wanted correctly.

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is this the only dress she owns

It’s probably “good luck” and she only washed it 4 times and bought it for $44.44 in a size 4 and the store was 4 miles from her house and she drove there with her family of 4 in her 4 door sedan on the 4th of April so it’s a fucking SIGN how can you be so dumb and not realize? long live teal make it 4(th)

the only time i’ll ever reblog Senior Elite is for shit like that😂👌^

Really why is everyone hating on senior elite

we aren’t hating on Senior Elite. we’re hating on that dress & the fact that EVERYTHING is a sign.

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